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Gipsyland - Gipsy flamenco

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It was on may 1994 that Gipsyland played their first live concert, but  we must add Kiko was no stranger to show business. From his childhood he started playingguitar and singing on stage with different groups. Already kiko has that star quality in his voice and guitar playing, that has led him to do several world Tours.

Kiko is the leader of Gipsyland; the group are all from Montpellier, France, near the borders of Spain. Thats where the roots of Kiko and his parents come from; also the region of the Camargue, the earth of Saint Sarah, from where the true blood of gitan comes from.

Kiko exceptional voice and the magic in his fingers when he plays guitar come also from his roots in Andalusia. We must say kiko is unique in his presentation of gipsy music that has conquered the world today.

On top of Kiko, the group consists of four highly talented musicians : MARIO, lead guitar, the “Mozart” gitan, JUANITO, the son of Kiko who has inherited the voice and guitar playing from his father, TONINO and BABE cousins in perfect musical harmony.

Their music is for every culture, Gipsyland interpretation of modern update flamenco, with its fresh attack and modern beats, make Gipsyland unique in its style world-wide for everyone.

Some memories

Lido de Paris, Falün Festival (Sweden), Millenio Festival (Portugal), Genk Festival (Belgium), Festival Flamenco de Mont de Marsan, Midem à Cannes, Feria de Nîmes, Beverly Hills Conga Room, Los Angeles Atlas Super Club,  New York Sob’s, Palais des Arts  (Barcelona), Dubaï International Convention, Beyrouth Intercontinental, Amann Intercontinental, Jurassic Park Party in Saint Tropez, California Disneyland , Santa Monica Paul Getty Center , Fiesta Broadway (Los Angelès), Royal Casino de Mandelieu, Royal Caribbean Cruises ... and many other places in France and in the World.

TV & Radio’s appearances

  • Las Vegas TV show Hawaiian Tropic
  • L.A. Networks : CNN, Fox, Univision, Telemundo,... and in San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Miami, Puerto Rico
  • Networks in Santiago du Chili, Buenos Aires, Bucarest, Lisbonne, Barcelone, Paris, Monte Carlo


ARTE (2002)
The 15 tracks, including 2 instrumentals, transport the listener into the colorful world of Gipsy culture combining traditional flamenco, elements from other musical genres, and the band’s youthful dynamism.
Produced by Laurent Guéneau. Including Egyptian singer star Anoushka on “Salaam” and Brazilian percussionist / producer Carlinhos Brown on “Muevete”.
ARTE is released by Hollywood Records in USA and Warner in Europe.

Produced by Mark Taylor et Brian Rawling. Recorded at Dream House Studios (London)
N°10 in Billboard world music sales chart on May 2000.

A L’ALBA (1995)
1st Gipsyland album. Produced by Larry Martin. Including the famous “Messe Sévillane” (“Sevillan Mass”)

In 1999 Gipsyland records the CHER’ album “Believe” track : “Dov’è l’amore”.

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