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Porte Paroles is a business founded in 1993 based in the south of France.

Since 2002, it has specialised in the pin-pointing, supply and management of performing outfits (jazz and dance music) for top-level hotels*, businesses and performance agencies in France and across Europe.

Porte Paroles also represents two exceptional ensembles in very different styles: Gipsyland (very high quality gipsy music) and Duo KW (classical music, recitals for two pianos).

Porte Paroles is acknowledged for its professionalism and commitment organising musical events of the highest quality, be they short-term engagements or the overall management of an entire festival season (references provided on request).

In the following pages, you’ll find information about some of the artists and musical outfits that have been tried, tested …and enjoyed by our most discerning and demanding customers. They represent a whole array of musical styles that are warm, welcoming and often the most dance-friendly ; they perform at private gatherings or at concerts. (The selection does not include highly reputed artists on short-term commissions with Porte Paroles) :

Jazz : several outfits, in different styles, for an evening gig, a picnic, a Festival, private events.

Dance music : groups who ensure an event has an overall dance theme, or who bring irresistible punch to the concert stage. Special mention must be made of the internationally acclaimed group Gipsyland.

Duo KW : pianists in duo playing classical music; a blend of goodwill and determination, along with simplified handling in terms of materials ensure they can give concerts in venues not expressly designed for such purposes.

* Porte Paroles is Artistic Consultant of Château de Berne :